10 reasons to include digital gift cards in your marketing strategy

Digital gift cards offer companies an efficient way to reward business partners, distributors, dealers, customers and employees. Companies can offer digital vouchers as a reward, incentive, giveaway or gift. With Vouchers Depot, gift cards are issued and distributed quickly, without waiting for them to be printed or delivered, meaning rewards can be offered immediately. Digital vouchers can be used both online and offline. Digital gift cards give the recipient the freedom to choose what they want to buy.

The Vouchers Depot portfolio contains digital vouchers from brands such as eMag, Fashion Days, Decathlon, Douglas, Ikea, Kaufland, Carrefour, Zalando, H&M, Amazon, ASOS, Nintendo, Cepsa, Media Markt, Spartoo, Rituals, Pingo Doce, etc.

The company can opt for digital gift cards from a specific brand or for the Vouchers Depot multibrand card, which offers beneficiaries the opportunity to purchase digital vouchers from multiple brands of the Vouchers Depot portfolio, at their choice. The company can customize the gift cards with its own branding.

Here are 10 marketing strategies and campaigns for your business using Vouchers Depot digital gift cards:

1. Loyalty campaigns: digital gift cards can be offered to loyal customers as a reward to motivate them to continue purchasing or to maintain their subscription to a company service. Also, digital gift cards can be offered as a prize in loyalty campaigns for partners, distributors or resellers.

2. Sales Incentive: Digital gift cards can be awarded to salespeople, distributors and dealers who have reached a certain sales goal.

3. Consumer Promotions: digital gift cards can be successfully used as a prize in various types of promotions – raffles, instant prizes, prizes given to a certain number of first participants, etc.

4. Social media exposure: Digital gift cards can be offered in giveaway contests or as a prize for users who have shared a post.

5. Get feedback: Customers who have completed a survey about the company's products or services can be rewarded with digital gift cards.

6. Events: Digital gift cards given as giveaways at an event can be distributed quickly and easily, without the need for printing or shipping. This makes the gift giving process more efficient, allowing the company to focus more on other aspects of the event.

7. Surveys: Increase participation in surveys, focus groups or research interviews by offering a gift voucher as a reward for participation.

8. Employee recruitment campaigns: Digital gift cards can be given to employees who have referred a friend to join the company's team.

9. Employee recognition: increase employee productivity by rewarding positive results with digital vouchers.

10. Holiday Campaigns: Digital gift cards can be given as a reward for customers who purchased products or services during the holiday season.

Vouchers Depot digital vouchers are the perfect solution to reward, motivate and show your appreciation to business partners. Available in different values, digital gift cards from Vouchers Depot are delivered instantly by email. Order now and show your appreciation to your business partners.