Create a positive impact on the environment with the new Dots.Eco cards, available on Vouchers Depot!

Buy Dots.Eco gift cards to make a significant impact in protecting and preserving the environment.

The portfolio becomes even more varied with Dots.Eco, the gift cards through which you ensure the protection of the environment.

Dots.Eco cards are a simple and effective way to contribute to important causes such as protecting wildlife habitat, purchasing and conserving land for nature reserves, offsetting carbon emissions, protecting baby sea turtles and more. Every purchase gives you the chance to support a cause you find worthy and relevant.

Through Dots.Eco's partnership with trusted organizations such as Rainforest Trust, Coral Guardian, SEE Turtles and Plastic Bank, the funds obtained from the sale of these cards are directed to verified and effective environmental conservation projects. Thus, you can be sure that by purchasing Dots.Eco cards you have a contribution with a real and positive impact.
Whether you're passionate about protecting marine biodiversity or fighting deforestation in tropical forests, Dots.Eco cards give you the opportunity to get involved and make a difference in the world.

Each gift card is worth 1 euro or 5 lei and represents a unit of impact. For example, with 5 lei, the value of a gift card, you can save a baby sea turtle.
Here is the full list of causes you can contribute to with Dots.Eco cards:
• Protects wildlife habitat - 10 square feet/ 0.92 square meters of land
• Offsets carbon emissions - 10 kg
• Restore Coral Reef - Fragment
• Save the baby sea turtles - A baby sea turtle
• Plant trees where it is most needed - A tree
• Protects the marine area - 1000 square meters
• Cleans plastic from the ocean - 1 Lb/ 0.45 kg

Buy Dots.Eco gift cards from Vouchers Depot for a greener and more sustainable future for all!