The Vouchers Depot Multi-Brand Card, the perfect Easter gift for employees

Gift cards given to employees on Easter are exempt from social contributions and income tax, up to 300 lei per person and up to 5% of the value of staff salary expenses. is the largest online store of B2B and B2C gift cards in Romania, with immediate delivery.
For companies that want to give their employees inspired gifts, Vouchers Depot has created the multi-brand gift card. It allows employees to self-select the brands they want gift cards from.
The company decides the value of the multi-brand cards and employees receive a gift card, with a unique code, with which they can claim gift cards from established brands such as Decathlon, eMag, Fashion Days, Kaufland, Ikea, OMV, Tazz, Zalando and many more .
The catalog contains digital gift cards of various values, so that recipients can enjoy varied options.
Gift cards can be used both online and in physical stores, depending on the merchants terms of use.
Order now and give your employees the most inspiring Easter gifts!

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