VouchersDepot.com digital vouchers, the inspired gifts for your employees and partners, on International Children's Day

For June 1, companies can show their appreciation to business partners and employees with digital gift cards from the Vouchers Depot platform, the complete B2B and B2C digital voucher solution, with immediate delivery.

The main benefits of VouchersDepot.com digital gift cards:
    Flexibility - Vouchers Depot digital gift cards give recipients the ability to choose the products or services they want to offer their little ones, including toys, clothes, books and more.
    Personalization – Vouchers Depot gift cards can be personalized with the company branding or the June 1st theme.
    Security – Purchasing and distribution is fast and secure. Beneficiaries receive by email the secure download links of the gift cards, as well as the instructions for use.
    Variety - The Vouchers Depot portfolio contains digital gift cards from brands appreciated by customers such as eMag, Decathlon, Playstation, Ikea, Kaufland, Carrefour, Zalando, H&M, etc. Vouchers Depot gift cards cover various categories: e-commerce, electronics, supermarket, clothing, footwear, cosmetics, home and decoration, experiences, travel, etc.
    Full cost control – Digital gift cards are available with different values. Gift card distribution is simple, secure and instant with no unexpected costs.

In addition, companies can give employees complete freedom to shop for their children with the SMART code.
By using the SMART code in the VouchersDepot.com platform, employees will be able to purchase gift cards from the brands of their choice. The company chooses the value of the gift cards, and employees will receive a SMART card, with a unique code, with which they will obtain their preferred vouchers from the VouchersDepot.com platform.

Order now and give your employees and partners the perfect June 1 gifts!