Terms and conditions

Voucher - BOYNER - Turkey

**The Gift Card can be spent for purchases at www.boyner.com.tr and at All BOYNER - YKM stores** + The electronic code can only be used in online shopping at www.boyner.com.tr + **Only one** electronic code can be used **per one online purchase**. + The QR Code can only be used in Boyner - YKM physical stores. + **Multiple QR Codes** can be used **in Boyner - YKM physical stores**. + The Gift Card is valid for all discounts and campaigns, including butterfly campaigns. + The Gift Card balance can be used in different shopping. + If the value of the order exceeds the value of the Gift Card, the customer must pay the difference to complete order. + The Gift Card can **NOT** be used on Gift Certificate and Product Gift campaigns. + The Gift Cards can **NOT** be used in Outlet stores. + The Gift Card can **NOT** be tracked in case of loss, can not be canceled and can not be refund. **HOW TO USE THE ELECTRONIC GIFT CARD CODE(S) ONLINE:** 1. Visit www.boyner.com.tr and log in your customer account. 2. Select the product/s you want to purchase and proceed to the payment page. 3. Enter your E-GIFT CARD number in the “GIFT CARD” field of the payment page of your order. 4. The amount of the E-GIFT CARD will be reduced from total amount of your order. 5. If the total amount of your purchase is more than your E-GIFT CARD balance, you can pay with credit card.

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